Paula Susarte
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When I’m thinking about moments in life, I see images paused in time. The process in which I create photographs is often times spontaneous - through my lens a story develops.

Images elicit feelings, affecting every person differently even when they are looking at the same thing. In the end, moments in our lives pass in front of our eyes so fast that a photograph can be an effective way - sometimes the only way - to remember.


Born in Chile, Paula studied photography at the Escuela de Foto Arte de Chile in Santiago. After her studies concluded, she worked in journalism, traditional culture, tourism, theatre, and television. Her experience includes projects related to Ichthyology (study of fish), seafood companies, leather companies, local entrepreneurs, architectural magazines, and books.

Susarte supported emerging artists - using her photography to help them promote themselves. Paula held an exhibition called “Katmandu” - travels around Asia, Europe, India, Iceland, documenting the architecture, art, culture, and landscape.

After living in Chile and Canada, Paula relocated to the United States, where she took another path and photography took a backseat - raising two beautiful daughters.

Susarte moved to Serenbe a few years ago, an agricultural community in Georgia - where she felt invigorated to produce new work, exhibiting a solo show of botanical photography in Grange Hall Gallery, a project of the Art Farm at Serenbe.